Our expertise

  • * Pain relief from nervous pain, muscle pain,
     headache, shoulder pain, neck pain, chest pain,
     waist pain, knee pain, etc.
  • * Autonomic immune control
  • * Sport injuries
  • * Stress reduction


We are one of the leading acupuncturists in Tokyo.
The acupuncture treatment is
a jewelry of traditional Oriental Medicine.

If you cannot solve your problem by
the Western Medicine, please visit us.

Treatment days / hours

Treatment days / hours
 Mon.   Closed 
 Tue.   10:30 ` 18:30 
 Wed.   10:30 ` 18:30 
 Thu.   Closed 
 Fri.   10:30 ` 18:30 
 Sat.   11:00 ` 18:30 
 Sun.   11:00 ` 18:30 

appointment basis


Fees ( All tax and charge are included. )
 Initial consultation   Free 
 Whole body treatment 
 ( Keiraku treatment )
 about 60min.  Yen 6,000 
 Partial treatment  about 30min.  Yen 4,000 

Initial consultation fee is free for
those who visited this web site
or are introduced by anybody.

By Japanese Yen cash or only

Explanation on the treatments

Whole body treatment (Keiraku treatment)
Our traditional acupuncture treatment is
based on the idea that gQih is
circulating inside the human body through
Keiraku(Meridian) and any diseases is
caused by a trouble of Qi-circulation at any place,
and acupuncture treatment is to remove the trouble and circulate Qi smoothly.

This idea in the Western Medicine is
similar to balance the autonomic immune.

Also partial treatment mentioned below is done simultaneously.

Needles used for this treatment is
about 1/10 in diameter of hypodermic needles,
so this is almost pain free treatment.

Partial treatment
Treatment only for painful or trouble area is done.


Head: E.Yamamoto
Graduated from Osaka University and
stayed overseas for 15years in total for business activity,
and studied the acupuncture theory
and method at a college and 3 famous acupuncture masters in Japan.


Towa Bldg. 2nd fl., Kami-Osaki 2-24-19,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
2 minutes walk from JR Meguro Station
( See the map )

For appointment call

03-5487-1170  ( at any time )


Receipts acceptable to
foreign insurance plans are issued.

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